Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 1200 mi
Update time = Mon, 22-Apr-2019 1:51am CDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
21 mi NNW of Grand Canyon, Arizona 3.1 0018711163 mi 1555854452Sun, 21-Apr-2019 8:47am CDT map
6 mi SE of Dayton, Tennessee 2.2 001187738 mi 1555849016Sun, 21-Apr-2019 7:16am CDT map
5 mi S of Heber, Utah 2.6 001595991 mi 1555760027Sat, 20-Apr-2019 6:33am CDT map
12 mi NW of Gunnison, Utah 2.5 0016871048 mi 1555710236Fri, 19-Apr-2019 4:43pm CDT map
14 mi NW of Gunnison, Utah 2.0 0016891050 mi 1555709928Fri, 19-Apr-2019 4:38pm CDT map
14 mi NW of Gunnison, Utah 2.4 0016921052 mi 1555709892Fri, 19-Apr-2019 4:38pm CDT map
11 mi S of Anthony, Kansas 2.4 000931579 mi 1555702022Fri, 19-Apr-2019 2:27pm CDT map
4 mi ESE of El Dorado, Arkansas 2.1 001238769 mi 1555656687Fri, 19-Apr-2019 1:51am CDT map
9 mi SE of Lincoln, Montana 2.6 001567973 mi 1555633686Thu, 18-Apr-2019 7:28pm CDT map
12 mi SE of East Carbon City, Utah 2.1 001552964 mi 1555607932Thu, 18-Apr-2019 12:18pm CDT map
10 mi ESE of Ferron, Utah 2.3 0016221008 mi 1555584274Thu, 18-Apr-2019 5:44am CDT map
34 mi N of Dove Creek, Colorado 2.5 001512939 mi 1555567018Thu, 18-Apr-2019 12:56am CDT map
10 mi ESE of Ferron, Utah 2.0 0016221008 mi 1555565013Thu, 18-Apr-2019 12:23am CDT map
12 mi SE of East Carbon City, Utah 2.2 001553965 mi 1555564192Thu, 18-Apr-2019 12:09am CDT map
9 mi NE of Enid, Oklahoma 2.9 000971603 mi 1555449916Tue, 16-Apr-2019 4:25pm CDT map
4 mi SSE of Harper, Kansas 2.5 000906563 mi 1555445631Tue, 16-Apr-2019 3:13pm CDT map
6 mi WNW of Panguitch, Utah 2.1 0018061123 mi 1555424819Tue, 16-Apr-2019 9:26am CDT map
7 mi ENE of Townsend, Montana 2.5 001476917 mi 1555419556Tue, 16-Apr-2019 7:59am CDT map
7 mi ENE of Townsend, Montana 2.3 001476917 mi 1555419544Tue, 16-Apr-2019 7:59am CDT map
1 mi SSW of Ridgely, Tennessee 2.8 000941584 mi 1555413838Tue, 16-Apr-2019 6:23am CDT map
4 mi SSE of Ridgely, Tennessee 2.5 000941585 mi 1555412962Tue, 16-Apr-2019 6:09am CDT map
1 mi WNW of Manhattan, Montana 2.6 001472915 mi 1555410867Tue, 16-Apr-2019 5:34am CDT map
16 mi WSW of Libby, Montana 2.7 0018281136 mi 1555372156Mon, 15-Apr-2019 6:49pm CDT map
1 mi SW of Quinton, Oklahoma 2.4 001049652 mi 1555346062Mon, 15-Apr-2019 11:34am CDT map
6 mi NNW of Lincoln, Montana 2.4 001581983 mi 1555340702Mon, 15-Apr-2019 10:05am CDT map
12 mi SE of East Carbon City, Utah 2.0 001552965 mi 1555338863Mon, 15-Apr-2019 9:34am CDT map
9 mi SSE of Wilson, Oklahoma 2.6 001212753 mi 1555321216Mon, 15-Apr-2019 4:40am CDT map

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